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​​​About Us 

About us

UNISON is one of the UK's largest trade unions, serving more than 1.3 million members. We represent full-time and part-time staff who provide public services, although they may be employed in both the public and private sectors.

The North Devon Health Branch, serves over 1000 members in Health Sector employers across North and West Devon.  The branch is run by an elected committee who ensure that members are represented both collectively and individually, within their employer.  Day to day administrative branch matters are handled by the branch leadership team, which is composed of the branch chair, branch secretary and branch treasurer.

​Branch Structure

To facillitate branch organisation, the branch is split administratively into four sections:

  • Northern Devon Healthcare Trust
  • Devon Partnership Trust
  • Sodexo
  • Community And Private (CAP).

Each section is then further divided into smaller units, these maybe based on location, employer or department. ​

Branch Committee

​​Each year at the Annual General Meeting, branch members are elected to hold offices on the branch committee.  Any branch member can become a branch officer and all stewards are automatically part of the committee, even if they do not hold office.

2015 Committee Members

Branch Chair
Jo Galbraith

Jo is a steward in Northern Devon Healthcare Trust and this is her first year as branch chair.  The branch chair is responsible for ensuring that branch meetings are conducted in accordance with rule and that branch business is carried out.

Branch Secretary

Simon Needham

Simon is a steward in Northern Devon Healthcare Trust and this is his third year as secretary.  The branch secretary is the chief negotiator for the branch and looks after the day to day running of the branch.

Branch Treasurer

Kara Ford/Sue Pincombe

Both Kara and Sue are stewards in Sodexo and this is their first year as Treasurer.  The branch treasurer is responsbile for the branch monies and setting/monitoring the branch budget.